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Birthday Party Ideas

Ok planning fun birthday parties as a teenager that don’t feel too juvenile can be quite the struggle. I’ve added some bullet points ideas of sub ideas or tips underneath each theme. Here is a list of some simple and fun birthday party ideas… hit it!

12 years old - 14 years old

Luau Pool Party

  • Definitely do this in the late afternoon → night!

  • It could be fun to make mock-tails like a virgin Pina Colada

  • Barbecue dinner always feels like the pool party vibe (besides burgers and hot dogs, a unique and ‘activity’ side could be a corn on the cob station with a bunch of different toppings)

  • Other activities: water balloon fight, slip and slide, get cozy for a movie afterwards

Beach Party

  • Whenever I go to the beach, I love to go to the grocery store with my friends and pick out our favorite snacks and drinks, so if the size of your birthday permits you could stop at to pick out a bunch of snacks on your way there

  • Bring floaties, spikeball, and a big speaker!

Outdoor movie party

  • Must have a campfire set up with Smores

  • There are some companies that will set this up for you but for the most part this just requires a projector, lots of blankets and pillows, and fairy lights

Scavenger Hunt

  • The amount of middle school scavenger hunt birthday parties I went to was UNREAL… normally they would take place at a mall and the scavenger hunt would require that each group take photos to document each location

  • The more crazy the task the more fun (obviously not tasks that will get you in trouble or kicked out of a public location)

Roller Rink/Bowling

  • These parties are pretty low key and also very fun! Also these venues can accommodate large groups so there’s no stress with creating a limited guest list


  • One year, I looked into having a birthday at Sephora or Lush. To my surprise these places actually do offer diy or tutorial type activities for birthday parties. It might just be a fun idea to check out if you like makeup or bath bombs.

15 years old - 17 years old

Scavenger Hunt/Truth or Dare

  • Same idea as any other birthday scavenger hunt just maybe invite a energetic, big group and make the tasks more spicy and fun! For truth or dare, the birthday girl can pre-write some fun truth or dare (nothing that will cause drama) and go around your town completing them with your best friends.

Mama Mia themed birthday

  • If there is a Greek restaurant in your city or town, it could be fun to dress up in cute outfits with your close friends and go for a fun lunch or dinner!

Crepe Party

  • My school recently planned a crepe bar to come as a little surprise for my grade and I forgot how bomb crepes are! It could be fun to bring in a chef or make crepes from scratch at your house as a little crepe party brunch!

Holiday Mush

  • If your birthday is coming up before Christmas you could mush holiday activities with your birthday. For example, go ice skating, build gingerbread houses, and watch a cute wintery movie.


  • This is probably my favorite idea: cheese boards, fresh fruit, pastries, cake with champagne glasses!!! You could do this in a park, at the beach, at a lookout point, in a field. The possibilities are endless.

I hoped this sparked some ideas!!!!! Also good luck with finals my loves.

We got this,


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