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De-Stress A-List

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This is for all my ladies who need a breather… some of my ‘go to’ after school rituals that I've compiled that are perfect for when it's the flipping worst day ever and you’re extremely overwhelmed, or maybe just because it makes you feel good :)

1. Working Out

Alright I know that working out is a very dreadful experience for a lot of people, but if you tell yourself to push through, it's 1000% worth it in the end. Also scientifically exercising is really beneficial for not just our bodies but our minds because endorphins, a chemical produced in your body, are triggered when exercising and make you “feel happier”. Some good advice: don’t think about what you’re doing before you talk yourself out of it, just go! Just start! Just do it! #nospons

Mellow exercise options: 10 min walk around your block, a mile jog on the elliptical in your garage, get up from your desk and do a light stretch

Fun workouts: If you have the time and money, group fitness classes are bomb. All over the country there are little soul cycle type studios that bring the full-on

night club vibes or maybe try a nearby boxing studio with a couple friends!

My workout: I enjoy breaking a little sweat and getting the heart beat up by running to the gym near my house and doing a variety of cardio and ab exercises. (I’m posting my favorite workouts next week).

No matter which workout you choose to do, a good playlist is crucial to really boosting your motivation and energy. My workout playlist is hype mode to the max, although it's not very consistent because I'm always rotating songs in and out. Here are a couple of Spotify playlists that will get you in your element : Playlist 1, Playlist 2, Playlist 3, Playlist 4

2. Baking

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that food is the answer to all problems - the ultimate panacea. Baking makes for a sweet smelling house, a yummy dessert, and serves as a relaxing solo activity (or with a friend/sibling/parent).

What to bake...

  • A batch of chocolate chip cookies or brownies is an easy staple: *Recipe

Also towards fall/winter time but really whenever, I LOVE the Tader Joe's prepackaged banana and pumkin bread mixes. These are so easy and quick to make but taste insanely good. (add chocolate chips - game changer).

  • Finally, one of my favorite midnight snacks is a huge, thick pancake with two scoops of ice cream on top. And that's eating on your way through life struggles.

3. Journaling

I feel like keeping a diary is very cliched, but I swear that journaling has been one of the only things that keeps me half sane. At the end of the day, your friends don’t really have the time, energy, or patience to hear about every last detail of your friend dilemas, boy drama, etc, nor is it really their job. I can’t think of a more healthy and private space to decompress and let out all your feelings, where the only person that could possibly judge you... is you. Recently, I’ve been looking back at my entries from 7th grade and I’m literally cringing, and recognizing how much I’ve grown since then is insane!

The exercise of writing out my thoughts has actually been a really helpful way for me to understand where I am and how I feel. For a long time, I typed in an online journal, and during quarantine I have been going to this ocean lookout near my house and journaling via voice memos, both of which take less time than hand writing out all my emotions and thoughts. With journaling, (fav journaling spot) maybe just try it once... you never know.

4. Shower

Showers hit different. Period. A long, hot, relaxing shower with a good playlist. I can say for certain, showers are the absolute best part of my day, hands down. Hours in the shower could pass by and I would have never known. I crave this quality time to myself, immersed in the water as I reflect about everything on my mind.

Here are a couple of tips to take your shower to the next level:

  • First, I always detangle my hair when it's dry before the shower, covering the tips in coconut oil and brushing through the knots.

  • If you’re like me and constantly deal with the oily scalp problem, it's important to condition only the tips of your hair in the shower and NOT the roots.

  • Exfoliate the legs with a scrub before you shave (this cleaning will remove the dirt and dead skin cells).

  • I like applying a clay face mask before I get into the shower and then washing it off using a face wash by neutrogena once I get in. I like how the face mask dries out my face and detoxes my pores, and then completely softens and smoothes once washed off with the warm water.

5. Face Masks and Netflix

Now if you’re crazy stressed and have a lot to do this one might not be the best in the moment, but try and find some treat yo self with a good face mask and as many All American Schedules as you’re sleep schedule permits!

6. Ranting to Your People

Nothing beats a good old face time with your bestie(s). I’m constantly calling my girls throughout the week to catch up on life and check in. If you don’t have that one friend you can always call, I would honestly recommend talking and hanging with your parents. They’ll always love you and are actually pretty cool. If your parents are not where its at, you could call an aunt, older cousin, or other role model figure in your life (I have some really special relationships with different family members who have so much wisdom to share and understand me like no one else). Also you can ALWAYS shoot me an email too and just spill it all… i am here for you whenever!

I hope these help ladies (and gents maybe)!

You got this!


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Amina Bazile
Amina Bazile
Aug 13, 2021

This is so helpful. Thank u💕💕


Margaret Roberts
Margaret Roberts
Mar 17, 2021

❤️ Thank you! Netflix and cookies are in my near future. I absolutely love your blog.

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