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Part 1: Intro To The Series

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I am here to say it, snapchat is a ****ing trip. I mean, gosh, the world of snapchat… it’s all so complicated. Before I even begin, only the desperate over analyzing girls will truly understand what I mean when I say mastering snapchat is an art. It can’t really be ‘taught’, you just kind of learn as you go. But, there are so many things I wish I could’ve told myself…

Quick backstory:

I got the app the summer after 6th grade because I wanted to give everyone my snapchat that august at sleep away camp. I slightly guilted my parents into it (the whole thing included some crying) but nevertheless, it worked. 7th grade me was very confused, I’m talking dog filter on the main story and sending streaks to 70 people twice a day. 8th grade me slowly began to understand how it all worked, but I was way too addicted... very unhealthy. Earlier this year, 9th grade me learned what becoming emotionally invested feels like (I’ll explain later). Currently, I am still very much learning and playing around, I have more than 3 private stories and continue to cringe at posts from even a month ago. The hardest part has probably been dealing with the relationship the app has forced me to foster with myself. I already know I’m going to look back at this little series and have such different views about everything in a couple of years from now. Many of you have probably gone about this in different way, but I thought I give it a shot even though. Let's just say i'm now the best at it (I'm still single if that says anything) but I can look back at all my mistakes, what I’ve learned, what I am still learning, and hope that sharing my own experiences and opinions on snap chatting can help unite us females.

*another VERY important disclaimer this series will primarily be focusing on flirting with boys* The only reason I am writing about this is because I feel like snapchat is a really easy place to flirt with boys in a casual, low consequence way… especially useful when you go to an all girls school. This is just about snap chatting boys because that is what I know so that is what I think would be most interesting and helpful for girl’s to read. If you’re a boy reading this, it will most likely explain a lot of things.

A list of intro things to know

  1. Username: Make your username is your first and last name. period. You’ll thank me when you’re 17 and can’t change it but it’s your birthday and everyone’s shouting out ‘sophialovesunicorns7’ or you want to put your snap username in your instagram bio.

  2. Don't shoot your shot: K you’re probably really confused but I saw this in a youtube video and I could not have said it better myself: don’t shoot your shot, but instead let them know there is a game to be played. Pass them the ball, play a little defense… keep it fun and relaxed and let them do the more of the hard work

  3. What starts on snap gonna end on snap: Now don’t get me wrong, there have definitely situations were people meet over snap and actually do end up hanging out. Personally, that has not and probably will never happen to me, and with my friends who have met up with snapchat 'flings', it's super awkward and never works out. As a rule, I always remind myself that even if you have a 70 day streak and you’re each other’s #1 best friends… what started over snap is about to end over snap.

THIS IS IMPORTANT but about to sound so cliched. Snapchat has made me super insecure… seeing people hanging out with me, ideal mirror selfies, being left on open. Snap chatting boys is like artificially speed dating and you’re pretty much signing up for your heart to feel a lot of weird type of ways. Guys are really good at messing you around, so just a reminder that will most likely piss you off: you must be confident and love yourself first. You’re not marrying this guy… you’re ok.

Get ready for an interesting series ladies!

You got this,


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