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About Me


Introducing myself through just typed words feels like probably the hardest

part, I wish I could just jump through the screen (in a noncreepy way) and give

you a big, warm hug.

Pretty much anyone who knows me describes me as a BIG mood! Loud and quirky

with a touch of stubborn and bossy, but mostly a light-hearted, always fun, loyal

friend. I live in Los Angeles, California. I recently moved from a neighborhood closer to the city to a little

beachy, surfer town about a half an hour west. In my family, there's my mom, my dad, and my brother- he's 2 years older than me. No dog oops. I started at an all-girls middle school on the other side of town in 7th grade and continued there for high school... major college prep vibes. I know what you're thinking and I think it took a lot of the time. I didn't really choose the all-girls school life, it chooses me, but for reasons that are too complicated to get into, I've realized I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Hobbies: While I may have a lot of interests, I'm really not that good at any of them... they're just fun and enjoyable. I did ballet academy when I was younger, then switched into the competition dance moms type scene, and now I do rec classes for fun at a local dance studio. I played soccer and ran cross country, but I've recently taken up tennis, golf, and lacrosse. I'm also trying out surfing and it's a rocky start, to say the least. I've also become involved in many social action initiatives for my community.

Why blogging? Around my thirteenth birthday is when I kept searching for books on amazon or youtube videos... something to explain my insecurity and confusion during middle school. I eventually figured everything out until I started high school. When I'd normally be my positive, happy self majority of the time, earlier this year and recently I am finding that there have been a lot of moments where I just feel so lost, overstressed and irritated, maybe sad and anxious plus I overthink EVERYTHING. I know I couldn't be alone, and although I have an amazing aunt and cousin who serve as that older sister figure and amazing friends, I felt like they didn't fully appreciate exactly how I was feeling (obviously because they're not me). I looked up teen blogs, but everything felt very fuzzy and too surface. In short, no one told me how to feel when I got left on open or when the parents just completely didn't understand me. I get you, I feel you. I'm here for you, girl. We're gonna get raw and real and relatable. No filters here.

You got this,


P.S. Ask me all your question and if you need advice or just

someone to vent to under the 'Ask Sophia' section :)

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