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Dear Monday,

There's something I've been meaning to tell you... I hope you know that I hate you with an absolute burning passion, but there's a little part of me that secretly needs you. You're worse than an ugly pimple, clumpy mascara, and ovulation pains all mixed together. To think I have to wake up to your faint memory of a once anticipated weekend and hours worth of schoolwork ahead... you're so cruel! Friday really could not feel any farther away. But in my life thus far I've made it through 52ish x 15 (you do the math) of your dreaded existences. You wear a pretty good 'rbf' but you don't intimidate me. I'll get up, wash my face, strut into school, finish Monday with an amazing shower, and give you a little smirk so you know I won. No matter your age, sexuality, race we all have to make it through Monday, just like all our other problems.

Ok so now that we've established my weekly, complicated relationship with Monday, I want to know about you. How are you? How was your day? Was it pretty good like maybe give it a 6/10, kind of low-key sucked but also had a couple of good moments? Same here. The thing is, school pressures, the fashion catastrophes, counting calories, disagreements with the parentals, and of course the heaping pile of insecurities, I’m going through it too. If it’s tea in the friend group or the endless guy drama, oh I’m really here for it. Now, imagine going to an all-girls school... I’m no expert, I don't have all the right answers, but I’m thinking you could use some relatable content and tips to get you through it all. The idea is honestly just to get real, get juicy and spread some love and kindness to all the confused and heartbroken, but ambitious and hopeful girls out there (this is even for the shy ones or Regina George types in the back).

We got this!

Xx Sophia

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