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Check Off Procrastination Before It Checks You

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Let’s be real.... history notes or Netflix? A teenager who has never procrastinated, its unprecedented. Procrastination is the ultimate parasite that seemingly has no antidote. With people to snap, Tiktoks to scouer, and unneeded clothes to online shop for it feels like there's no time for the important stuff.... school (if you will). Obviously, I've struggled with procrastination, i mean who hasn’t, but I've discovered that it leaves me more stressed in the end and feeling rushed to get everything done last minute.

Maybe you’re the type who thrives off of an approaching deadline and spending extra hours on homework doesn’t work for you, but I would think for the majority who procrastinate the grades are not favorable. Everyone has there own answer for getting stuff done, really whatever floats your boat, but I thought I’d share how I hide from the overpowering, sneaky temptations around me.

My answer: Lists! I’m that girl quickly jotting down homework, tests, and other assignments either on a post-it note or on the notes app on my laptop. I really try to stay on top of everything that needs to get done, whether it be studying for tests, completing homework, or remembering to email a teacher to schedule a meeting. Don’t underestimate how gratifying it is to check everything off the list. I try to give myself little rewards in between each task... it’s a triumphant experience to say the least.

After extra curricular actives, commuting, even eating, it’s really hard to leave time during school nights for things you actually might want to do. So to put this whole "lists" idea on steroids, you can become a psycho maniac like me and actually add specific time slots for everything on your do to list (sometimes even dinner and showering). This may seem ridiculous and stressful but think about it, if you waste 5 minutes here and there it really adds up. In the end, you’ve lost almost an hour or two distracted by the loophole of your for you page and your homework still isn’t completed. Also, if you’re willing to give a timed out schedule a try, make sure to give yourself buffer time just in unexpected case things come up in your day. l know every second of life can’t be perfectly planned out, but I do my best to squeeze everything in. Finishing the to do list by reasonable time means that most nights I'll actually be able to watch a little Netflix, take a long shower, or Facetime my friends.

The whole idea is do the work first and be efficient, then leave all the fun stuff for the end. This will really allow you to get done what needs to get done but also give you the time you crave to uninterruptedly relax and debrief at the end of your day. I hope this works for you all!

You got this,


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