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Ask Sophia: "I like the popular boy"

Q: I really like this guy and I want to start talking to him, but he’s one of the popular kids and his friends are kinda intimidating. What should I do?

A: Of course you know I got the Instagram polls in on this one because I was curious what the Dear Monday fam thought about liking the popular boy. The consensus was a simple “don’t” but I understand that it's difficult to just not like someone, so I thought I'd offer my own opinion. Let’s first decipher what makes this kid popular? Is he funny? Athletic? Smart? Cute? Are these key traits going to sustain his popularity is it a fleeting 'popularity'? In my experience with the ‘popular boy’, they peter out. This boy will not be popular forever. The puny little nothing 8th grader who had cool shoes and his growth spurt half a year early is the same guy, just a year or two later, who is now under the radar. The bad news is that you’re going to have to wait it out… for his hype to cool down, for him to narrow his group of friends, make his way through the boring, plastic girls and finally be ready for a girl like you. Let him bask in the glory of being a middle school ‘peaker’ who thinks owning enough Supreme is a personality trait and give yourself some room to hangout with different guys. My biggest piece of advice is of course be yourself always but I BEG YOU: don’t prank call, ‘accidentally’ snap chat, or take any other chances that will give a bad impression of who you really are on the inside. If it’s natural, befriend some of his buddies in a causal way. Also I am the QUEEN of liking someone I don’t even know, like being in love with a guy from a distance. Let’s be real here, you’re fantasizing about how perfect he might be when he’s going to be awkward or musty when you actually get to know him. This could just be a me thing, but I feel like the best guys are the ones who aren’t obsessed with themselves and the clout. Realistically, does he possess those key, mensch type qualities you're looking for long term? Final tips: this kid is used to a lot of attention so don’t be a suck up or mute. Tease him in that sarcastic mean way… he needs someone to challenge his ego. If he acts different with you alone but then ignores you in public then run!

Love y'all!

We got this,


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