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Ask Sophia: Telling Him You Like Him Now

Q: “I like this boy that liked me last year, but I messed it all up. Now I’m scared he likes someone else and I’m stuck on him. What should I do???” - Anonymous

A: It’s been some time since you’ve seen or interacted with a guy who used to like you and something has changed: he had a glow up, gained some more confidence, you were preoccupied before, or maybe you just weren’t ready to admit it. You are in major regret mode because now you’re ready to tell the guy who liked you last year that you like him too… and now you’re scared that it’s too late!

While you’re probably over thinking what to do now, the good news is that you probably aren’t too late (unless he’s in a relationship). I would say that you should follow the same, standard formula for telling a guy you like him: maximize in person one-on-one time and make sure the feelings appear mutual. You can approach this kid at school or text him…“hey I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked but I miss you and would love to hang out soon”. There’s truly no harm (just a bit of courage on your end) in being honest. Explain that you were flattered when you found out that he liked you but didn’t know how to communicate your feelings at that time. Now that you are more mature, you’re ready to let him know that you’re interested in getting to know him better and seeing where this could go.

Recently, a similar situation happened to me and I was casual in my approach. I snapped the guy and said ‘it’s been a while’ and then ended the snap with a relevant question. This could be: “are you going to blank school next year”, “are you still playing on the blank team”, “how is your family”, “are you going to be at the reunion event”. I can understand how awkward it might be to reach out to someone after a long time without revealing your intentions or any context for getting back in touch.

People always right person, wrong time. Just like you didn't like him when he liked you, you may like him now when he doesn't anymore. Either way, I know way too many people who regret not being more vulnerable and communicative with their crush in the moment because something really could have worked.

Odds are that he will be happy to hear from you and excited that you reached out. You have nothing to loose.

Remember that you hold the power!!!!

We got this,


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