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Car Kit!

I know you all are jealous because your girl just got her license (it’s so crazy!) and is THRIVING. I blast my music, pick up food with friends (mukbang energy), and just have so much more freedom now. You guys are going to love driving so much so do not procrastinate studying for your permit test when the time comes around. Anyway, you all best believe my younger self was obsessed with Alisha Marie and all the other car tour type youtube creators so I have been awaiting the day I get to finally compile my very own ‘car kit’! Everything is linked below and I hope you keep this list around for when your driving years roll around.

Middle section

“backseat” items


Extra Must Haves!

  • Cash and coins

  • Charger

  • Big plastic bag as a ‘trash’

Yay! I hope this was helpful :)

We got this,


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