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Teen Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to close friends, I think people really underestimate how hard it is to pick the perfect birthday gift. I can't be the only one who plans out the gift weeks in advance and shoots down any remotely basic or impersonal idea. There’s no way a gift card or random item could suffice. Below is a list of gift ideas (both bought with money or made with love) that could maybe spark some inspiration for you.

1. Wishes jar

The wishes jar is a thoughtful and very personalized gift. Essentially, cut out photos of you and your friend (as many cut outs as how many years they are turning) and on the back write either a core memory, a trait you love about your friend, or a wish you have for them. Decorate the jar and place all the cut out images in the jar. This could be paired with any other gift too.

2. An experience

An experience can be something big like a concert, amusement park, or getaway trip or small like movie tickets, a fun dinner, or some other type of experience they would love to do with you! While the gift may not be tangible, an experience will stick with your friend forever.

3. Matching jewelry

Which nine year old didn’t have matching friendship bracelets with their friends? BRING IT BACK. The friendship bracelet or necklace is always a solid choice and it could be a very simple, but extremely meaningful gift.

4. Surprise breakfast

A surprise breakfast is different from an ‘experience’ type gift because it’s a day of treat. This gesture will truly make your friend feel so loved and special… reserve this type of gift for someone you really really care about. Bring them their favorite starbucks drink, yummy breakfast, and shower them in love.

5. Thrift box:

Go thrift shopping for your friend and pick out unique items you think she’ll LOVE. One year, I thrifted jeans for me and my best friend and we went to a look out point and painted them together at sunrise. I saw some tiktoks of these thrift boxes and it was just sooo cute to see each peice being styled and such a unique gift.

6. A video montage/music playlist:

Compile photos and videos into a super nostalgic and sweet video montage for your friend. You could also spend time putting all her favorite songs or songs that remind you of your friendship into a playlist.

Some other items your friend may like:

  • Disposable cameras

  • Fluffy slippers

  • Unique skincare products (ex: glowscreen, glossier, Rhode skincare, cute acne patches)

  • Jewlery

  • Converse

  • Fun socks

  • Hydroflask or cute waterbottle

  • Waterproof speaker

  • Wildflower case

  • Exercise set

  • Tote bag

  • Etsy rhinestone claw clips

  • Scrunchies

  • Cool stickers

  • Personalized candle

  • The amazon fashion stuff or gadgets from tiktok that you’d never spend your own money on but want someone else to get you

  • Stationary and colorful pens

  • Their favorite perfume

  • Pajama set

  • Starbucks gift card

Hopes this helps!

We got this,


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