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Getting Your Permit and License Checklist

The truth must come out… I failed my first permit test. It was a low moment for me. While I studied minimally, I overestimated my ‘common sense’, in quotes because apparently I don’t have any. I missed one or two more than the max number of missed questions so I actually studied for round 2 and passed! Phew! Here are my tips for getting your permit and license!

*** I am from California so resources/laws may be different in your state BUT I’m sure much of the advice can be applied to your own situation


1. Use this app. All my friends used it (not me obv) and slayed.

2. You could also consider enrolling in an accelerated driving school course where you can join a 2 day weekend or winter/spring/summer break condensed learning session.

3. Go on Quizlet and read through all the pre-made study sets of the driving rules in your state.


1. Read Thoroughly

~During The Exam~

  • Keep your windows cracked open

  • Tilt your side mirrors down just so slightly so that when you do the reverse portion, you can glance at your mirrors and make sure you won’t hit the curb

  • Look over your shoulder at the very beginning when pulling out of parking lot

** Extra Cautions

  • Biggest tip ever that I was given and still got points off for: TURNING YOUR HEAD AND CHECKING MIRRORS!!!!! On right turns, left turns, lane changes, reversing, every 2 seconds check your mirrors OBVIOUSLY and deliberately

  • When you are making a right or left turn on a main street before an intersection and there is no light or crosswalk, change lanes to the middle lane and then make the turn.

  • Watch out for the no turn on red signs

  • Lane change: SMOG - Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder, Go

  • After backing up, check ALL mirrors (literally turn your head around)

  • Go 20 in neighborhoods

Other main tips
  1. Search up your DMV location on youtube and reddit and watch any possible videos or read through websites to look for tips or pointers

  2. Remember to bring: permit, car registration, car insurance, a driver who is 25+ years old

  3. Check your mirrors A LOT and turn your head aggressively

Dude it was so awkward and embarrassing when I failed my first permit test but you have so many opportunities to try again. Making mistakes and 'failing' is really normal. I'm so excited for you all and this new chapter of freeways, fast food runs, and freedom!!!!

We got this,


image cred: Refinery 29

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