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Look at me trying to be quirky and creative with the ‘middle girl’ summer title. Who do I think I am lol. Anyyyyway, I FINISHED THE AP TEST LAST WEEK and in my eyes, summer is here!!!!!! OMG how is that possible???? This year just flew by.

Ok so tiktok has shown us the multiple routes we could take this summer… hot girl summer, virgin girl summer, tame girl summer, and the list goes on. I have compiled all my favorite bucket list items and created do's and don’ts (upon request) so the Dear Monday fam can have it’s personalized summer agenda going onnnnn baby.

The Bucket List

  • Skate into the sunset

  • Water skiing

  • Dye hair/hair cut

  • Ask a stranger for their snap

  • Skinny dip

  • Watch the Sunrise

  • Paint a Beerpong table

  • Get a piercing

  • Slip and slide

  • Tea party brunch

  • Walk in a rich neighborhood and critique the homes lol

  • Thrift tour

  • Go fruit picking

  • Make Layered cake

  • Stargaze and burgers

  • Chick Fil a at sunset

  • Road trip to/down the coast

  • Learn to sew/croché

  • Learn a language (a fancy one like italian or french)

  • Photo shoot in a field

  • Roller skating rink

  • Surf lesson

  • Make mocktails

  • Mini golf

  • Make crepes and fruit bowls

  • Campfire with smores

  • Hit up zara and pick outfits for your friends

Do’s and Don'ts


  • DO: plan day outings that are walking/biking distance or pre coordinate parent driving responsibility for the week

  • DONT: hope for a last minute ride somewhere if both parents are working (choose one day that week where you can go on an outing outside your neighborhood and make sure you have a secure ride)

  • DO: mix up which friends you want to see throughout the week to keep life interesting so you don’t get bored of your friends (even when you love someone, you need a day or two of space)

  • DONT: double plan hangouts for the same day. I have an issue of doing that and then I have to rush off to someone else and it just doesn’t work.

Spending money

  • DO: get a job an ice cream shop, florist, babying sitting, or around the house so you can have some allowance for food and clothes over the summer

  • DONT: go out every meal and waste money at brandy in your first few weeks of summer

  • DO: ask your to pick out a few swimsuits and outfits for the summer but stay under budget

  • DONT: buy everything you want this summer in the beginning of june. The trends change so quickly so allocate a little spending money for each month.


  • DO: be bold and ask a group of guys from school to hang out with you and your girl friends

  • DONT: base your happiness/success of this summer around boys.. Hot girl summer means more than racking up a whole roster of hookups.


  • DO: be active as a form of exercise: long beach walks, open dance classes, swimming laps or surfing, trampoline park, abs/butt workout with your best friend because it’s fun

  • DONT: start dieting or feel the need to have a perfect body this summer. We get in our heads. Nobody (not even the kardashians) had a naturally perfect body. We’re humans, we’re teens. Do you want to remember telling your kids about the best childhood summers with pizza and ice cream and beach days or that you weren’t stick skinny. Life is bigger than a snatched waist (we live on a floating rock for crying out loud).


  • DO: be honest and talk with your parents if you want to try something or take some risks

  • DONT: let your peers control the choices you make this summer. Don’t let other people and their poor decisions drag you down with them… you don’t need to become a pot head this summer to have a good time.

GUYS we missed last summer! I’m scared about this summer because I want it to be so perfect where everything just clicks - friends, boys, self image. All I know is that I’m not looking to end this summer with a bunch of failed diets and hopefully some amazing boyfriend (although that would be nice). If by late august I have a nice tan, a few good memories in my back pocket, and didn’t get into another car accident, I’ll be happy.

We got this,


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Jun 01, 2021

do you guys think it's okay for a 14yr old 2 get a job??? i turned fourteen in feb and i feel like it'll be suuuper tiring and hard. i might just stick to mowing the lawn for now LMAO

Jun 09, 2021
Replying to

thank youuu!!

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