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Part 5: Likes You vs. Using You

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In a perfect world, the guy you're head over heals for is desperately in love too and genuinely likes you. Instead we have snapchat and confusing people who don't really care about us instead. Its hard to tell if a.he even likes you, and then b. does he like you or is he just using you? There is a difference there, one that will determine the fate of your snapchat fling. Ya, every boy and circumstance is different, and honestly you’ll never really know if he likes you unless he says it, but look out for these key signs that might give you some sort of idea about if he like's or if he's using you:

1. When are you snapping

he likes you:

You find that he regularly responds to you pretty quickly, within at most 30 minute increments and you guys snap chatting consistently for a week or more. Does he stay up to talk to you and get back to you quickly? This is not a huge tell but only a plus.

He’s using you:

He only snaps you late at night. The clock strikes 12 and its on. Ladies beware.

2. What do you talk about

He likes you:

He genuinely and often ask about you. A guy who is interested keeps the conversation going and never lets it get dry. He puts in effort and displays his curiosity about you to show interest. Maybe he’ll ask you about past relationships or how many people you have gotten with, but more often engages in substantive conversations. If you’re both attracted to each other look out for regular complimenting. Maybe he doesn’t want to explicitly declare his interest so will appeal to a feature you possess more generally like ‘i like brunettes’ or after you tell him you’re height, he says, ‘5’6 is my perfect height for a girl’.

He’s using you:

He engages in predominantly risqué topics, asking about your ‘experience’ and tells you about what you’d be doing if he was there. Obvious and allusive remarking and comments about your looks (only!) will be frequent. He doesn’t tell you much about himself (family life, etc) and really has no interest in getting to know you. Sry :( In a future post I’ll talk about funny ways to reply if he asks for nudes.

3. Beyond Snap

He likes you:

If he asks to facetime or to hang out…. He wants to bring this relationship beyond snap, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens but I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t get your hopes up because whatever happens over snap (as in you have only ever met online) ends over snap. I also will talk more about facetiming him and the hookup culture in future posts!

He’s using you:

A guy who’s using you has practically zero interest in facetiming you. Do not expect him to be giggling and chatting with you over facetime throughout the night. As far as meeting up, a guy who’s using you has no intentions of hanging out in a public setting and would much rather meet at a friends house or somewhere more private.

You got this,


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