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Part 3: Making Conversation

It’s your chance to spark conversation with the man of your dreams (more like an awkward freshman)… go!

1. Streaks

I am going to preface this very simply… just hit him up. If you send streaks and are in high school then stop. Right now. Without him knowing you, regardless of looks, sending streaks to really any teen boy (especially if the ‘S’ is hand drawn in bright orange and tagged with ‘gn hmu’) almost 99.9% of the time puts you in the ‘I’ll pass’ zone. Streaks are only acceptable in the following circumstances: A. If you’re in 8th grade or younger or B. in extremely dire situations. Streaks are vague, purposeless, immature, and frankly, unattractive. So in the kindness way possible, take my suggestion and KNOCK IT OFF.

2. Swiping up to a story

Now sliding up on his story is probably my #1 go to (on snapchat or even Instagram too). This is really just the perfect opportunity to show interest in a guy by making small talk in a less direct way. If he posts something cool, exciting, or funny, swipe up and make a little remark. This could be a video of him playing a sport you love or at a concert of your favorite singers, and you would say ‘that dodgers play was insane’ or ‘I was at that concert last night, it was so good.’ Maybe he’s on a vacation in a beautiful place, you could swipe up with ‘that's so beautiful where is that?’. This is a good way to get a conversation going because you aren’t necessarily being vulnerable and he is most likely going to respond.

3. Your story

Now here is where you can use your platform to get his attention. Not many guys will swipe up to a cute photo or video so you could also try coaxing an opinion or advice out of him. For example if you go to the same school, you would write on your story ‘can someone su with homework for Mr. Smith tn’. This is something you know he can easily help you with and will be a non awkward way of getting him to reach out to you, first! Again, huge backup option, but thirst traps are a good plan C if that's your thing.

4. Questions

A last great option to spark conversation is by asking a question. It's easy if you have a class or go to school with the boy, but whoever he is, don't be afraid to send snap him a question about whatever it is you have in common.

Last thing: it can feel really awkward to make a little move, even if you're being super casual and not flirtatious. At the end of the day, guys don't think like us, girls, and they really won't think anything of it. Just be yourself and be confident in whatever you do.

You got this,


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Nmesoma Isinguzo
Nmesoma Isinguzo
May 16, 2021

This helped me so much! Thank you so much Sophia! But I have a question, what if he doesn't want to do streaks. Or doesn't swipe up in any of your stories?

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