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Part 4: 5 Ways to Reveal 'Personality' and Flirt Nonchalantly

K let’s get to it… how can anyone actually show their true personality over social media. Nothing ever will replace in person, face to face connection. Social media is great because you can act like a completely different person but also, it can really suck. At the end of the day, personality will be your biggest asset or downfall when it comes to long term connection (aka how long can you keep the convo going before it dries up). Although trying to convey who you really are online is almost impossible, here are a couple tips that can give him hints about the real you while sneaking in subtly flirty comments.

1. ;)

If used correctly, ";)" will be your new best friend. Ya emoji’s are fine and you can totally sneak in a heart or various smiley emoji’s but the winky face is just cuter and will guarantee make him blush. Obviously a this punctuation isn’t going to tell a guy a whole lot about your personality but just throw it around here and there, trust me.

2. Say your opinion and give solid answers:

If he asks you how your day was, give a legit answer. If he asks you about how you’re feeling, well say how you’re actually feeling. Vanilla one word responses are NOT conversations. Don’t expect him to be chasing you when you offer responses like ‘It was good’. Any half sane guy will the take the clue and stop talking to you're if you’re boring. Sorry. On that note, if he responds with ‘haha’ or ‘ya’, that is a major red flag. If he wanted to talk with you and make fun conversation, he would... move on sis.

3. The Photos

Guys really are a straight line, they’re not overthinking much but everyone knows that sending a sliver of ear when snapping back isn’t too enticing. Neither is a wall pic. It can be uncomfortable to send full photos of your face but I’ve learned that if you can’t at least send a generous section of your face, what do you expect to happen when you actually meet up with him (if that even happens) half your face??? He won’t even be able to recognize you in a crowd, maybe just left bang and most worn earing.

4. Videos:

*Pro Tip* I saw this on a tiktok and it’s genius. If you feel up to it, send a video of you talking about something, literally anything. Guys want to hear your voice and have a real connection. A photo can only do so much.

5. Games:

If you’re looking for a frisky way to get flirty, quickly but smoothly, try one of these ridiculously basic snapchat games like 21 questions or truth or dare. Keep it juicy by daring him to send something funny from his ‘my eyes only’ or ask him about what he looks for in a girl or about his past relationships. Obviously there is a spectrum. Start off with basic questions or dares, then get to the good stuff.

You got this,


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