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Part 6: So You Overthink Too...?

Do you check to see if he viewed your story? Or constantly see if he is active? Are you calculating how quickly you should respond, maybe make up excuses for why he hasn’t gotten back to you? Will you replay conversations or things he has said in your head over and over and over again? I do all of these things, probably even more.

My best friend made a list of topics we can’t bring up during our daily facetimes as a joke, the first being this one boy who I know could not be less interested in me yet still manages to take up ¾ of my mental capacity. But frankly she's right… I analyze every little detail and over think constantly. It’s unhealthy. I hope I’m not alone and I wonder if all teen girls are like this too or maybe I’m just the crazy one.

Out of all the posts for this ‘snapchat series’, I was dreading writing this post because the real truth is that I don’t have a good answer. I suffer from the self-diagnosed condition of ‘I’ll convince myself he likes me’ and it's painfully difficult to just let him go.

On that note, here a few things I try to remind myself and maybe this will help.

1. Acknowledge

The first thing I would recommend is acknowledge your unhealthy tendencies. You don’t have to fix them but at least identify and come to terms with the reason you might be so obsessed with whomever you’re interested in. For me, I know my overthinking is a coping mechanism that stems from my insecurity of knowing that I like a boy who doesn’t like me. Let's be real, if he was at my beck and call and doing all the work, I would not give a single hoot about him viewing my story or any of those petty things.

2. Keep it to yourself

I’ll tell you if there’s one lesson I’ve learned about overthinking any small little thing that happens with a boy, it’s to keep it to yourself. It's sad but I might have lost a friendship over being obsessed with this one boy because whenever I would call up my friend from sleepaway camp, I would bore her and waste her time going on about the most nothing occurrences. I thought she liked hearing my updates and was at least somewhat interested, but tbh your friends really DON'T care and they'd rather you shut up about it. Eventually, we stopped catching up. I don’t blame her. However, if you’re like me and just prefer to rant and get everything out, I know how important it is to have the space to vent. I started a journal in 7th grade and that's where I write all the minor stuff down because I know it helps to get it all out.

3. Guys think different

Although I don’t know a whole lot about the mind of a boy, I do know that they’re really not trying to play games with you. The whole leaving you on delivered and sending uninterested responses might seem like a whole devised mind trick he’s trying to play on you but I think its important to restate the cold hard truth. If he liked you, you’d know it. If he wanted to text you quickly, he would. Thats all there is to it guys.

Alright that's all I got. Email or dm the instagram @dearmondayblog and let me know how you get over the analyzing thing. It sucks. Help needed. But it's ok y’all, we’ll get over it together.

You got this,


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