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Part 7: Left on open, FOMO, Nudes, Facetiming, and more!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

What is up party peeooopllleee! We made it through monday woooooot! I hope by this point you and your snap h** are really hitting it off and maybe by now you’ll have an idea if he likes you or if he’s using you. I don’t really have a snap bf right now (so um find someone to hit me up pls & thx) and life has just been a bit dull lately. Anyway, so I thought for the last post to the series, I could give my non-expert advice on some common questions or problems we all run into! (Also shoutout to everyone who asked questions on the Instagram story, Kate, and Amelia for the extra help)

Q: He seems uninterested and is very dry! What do I do?

There are 2 answers here.. 1. What you want to hear 2. The truth. You can always wait it out and give him time to open up to you, maybe he’s just nervous or super busy. Try asking him open ended questions or engage in a topic you know he’s interested in (could end up in a week long conversation about a sport you know nothing about... I would know). Who knows if it'll work but you could also leave him on delivered longer to keep him chasing or snap him back a photo of you with some other guy friend. But here's the truth, if you haven't defined your relationship, you're not the only girl in his phone. If he's not giving you all his attention, that's because someone else is no doubt. You shouldn’t have to force a guy to be interested in you. Period. Even though I can’t comprehend my own advice, a guy who wanted to talk to you would and if he liked you, you would know it. Well sucks for him, if he doesn’t want you, he doesn’t get you! There’s other guys out there… move on!

Q: We’ve been talking for a few weeks, do I comment on his Instagram?

I say yes. Keep it super simple. If you have an inside joke then go with that, but otherwise stick to emojis like a blue heart.

Q: He asked for nudes and I don’t know how to reply.

K we’ve all been waiting for this one. You’ve probably been asked to send, know a friend who has, or has been sent unsolicited nudes. Let’s establish this FACT, and I quote Call Her Daddy that nudes NEVER die. He’s got a burner phone, a secret app, a laptop, or friends with him that can quickly snap a shot over his shoulder. There is no way he’s not saving that somewhere, remember that.

Tbh if it were me and I didn’t really know the guy too well, i’d block him because that’s just disgusting and not my type at all, plus a guy who respects you wouldn't pressure you into something like that. That's just me. You could be funny and hit him with a nude middle finger, chicken breasts, Michelangelo statue, pasta noodles, a donkeys butt, or something salty like ‘lol’ or ‘hit up another one of you h**s'.

Q: I’ve been left on open what can I do… I’m feeling down

Girllllll can I just tell you about my mood swings when I’ve been left on open vs ‘typing…’... its called snapchat bipolar. Being left on open has ruined FULL DAYS multiple times, even on multiple vacations!!!! It’s literally so stupid because it feels like some sort of break up but it just goes to show how attached and insecure I am. Welp. First, put your phone down for at least an hour and do something fun! Go get ice cream, go over to someone's pool, put on a movie, get nails done with your mom! Something to get your mind off of this guy that will make you happy. Do not lie to yourself!!!! He's not eating dinner, trying to write you a super lengthy response, has bad wifi, and any other possible excuse. You can’t rely on this person for your happiness. I also highly suggest you DO NOT immediately after send fake streaks and maybe wait a day if you want to double snap him. Here are some tiktoks that I have saved in the past that have helped! Also I’m the type who deals with emotion through music so I made a full playlist last year to jam out to called ‘left on open’.

Q: Do I add him to my private story?

If you’ve been talking consistently for a few weeks and have created a bond with a little friendship going… ya maybe add him to your largest private story.

Q: Help with FOMO from stories and snap maps

Look we’ve all been there. I suffer from FOMO on the daily. I just try to remove myself from my phone for a little and surround myself with people who make me happy. It doesn't really help to stock these people and check all their stories every for 5 seconds. Also, just remember that people make stuff look more fun than it actually is in reality. I beg you, don’t post a pic of your crying pity party or some vague quote… it doesn’t help. People do love you and cherish their friendships with you so much. Find those people and stick with them.

Q: What to do if he asks to Facetime?

Facetiming a guy can be SO awkward. My only tips would be for starters, tell him ‘oh here’s my number call me whenever’ so it’s in his hands to call you. Also, if you have a laptop then use that rather than your phone because the low camera quality will cover up your blemishes. Maybe find a darker spot to talk with the laptop light glowing up your face and making your eyes glisten. Very important: when you join facetime, have something ready to say with the excitement and energy as you would with a close friend... maybe bring up a topic that you were talking about earlier on snap.

I am actually sad this series is over but hopefully I covered some of the main snapchat topics you needed help with and now you got the snap boys all figured out. Just a little recap of all the topics, 1. Initial important reminders + intro to the series. 2. Snap score run down. 3. Sliding in. 4. Ways to reveal personality and flirt nonchalantly. 5. Likes You vs Using you. 6. Overthinking. 7. Left on open, FOMO, etc!!!!!

Please leave a comment and let me know how you thought the series went or DM to rant about anything going on in your life. I’m here for you girl.

You got this,


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