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Part 2: Snap Score Run Down

And we’re back for Part 2 on my guide to becoming 5% less likely to be left on open.

Part 2 is on the pregame. I didn’t want fully expose myself and stalking abilities so in this post we’re sticking to the primary step of sussing him out.

Ok, so you’ve added the guy and he’s added you back or vice versa. 1 for 1. Congrats.

(also to find his snap score, click on his bitmoji and look below his name)

Anyway, here’s my estimated run down on what you can figure out about him based off of his snap score:

1. 0-50,000:

Either he just got snapchat, he never goes on snapchat, or he’s in 7th grade. But most importantly, don’t expect this guy to be sending you suave snaps and if he doesn’t respond quickly, don’t get down on yourself.

2. 50,000-100,000:

He uses the app moderately, nothing really questionable. He is the delivered for 2 hours kinda guy.

3. 200,000-500,000:

This person has been a dedicated snapper (is that a term? Welp i just made it one) for multiple years and he uses snap as his main form of communication. He could also be really getting around. Odds are he’s a snap h**.

4. 500,000-1,000,000:

There is no way this guy snaps his bro’s this much. This snap score definitely hits the sweet spot of your classic snap h** who is 100% talking to multiple girls at once.

5. 1,000,000+:

He’s wildin'. Period. Beware.

I feel very thankful for you that you were just straight up EDUCATED on the art of snap scores. You're welcome.

You got this,


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annabelle grandy
annabelle grandy
Oct 22, 2020


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