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Hanging Out With Friends On A Budget

Hey Dear Monday Fam (DMF)! Hope you actually woke up on time for your first class this morning (can't relate). Reply to my Instagram @dearmondayblog story and tell me all about your day.

Ok, If you don’t have a job or a black amex card then you’re in the same spot as the rest of us. You want to have a super fun night with your girls but also want to keep it affordable… very understandable. No matter if you live in a big city where there's always something fun to do or a little town where you pretty much know everyone, all you need is a few friends (could even just be by yourself) and I promise you can definitely make something fun out of nothing. Also a lil disclaimer: some of these ideas can be manipulated to work within your city’s or family’s Covid rules. A lot of us are doing pods with close friends and things are getting better (especially in California), but know that I am very aware that we are still in the times of a global pandemic and staying safe is very important to me.

1. Cutting Down Your Bill

In my experience, what can make hanging out with friends so pricey is the hefty check you are confronted with after a dinner out. There are ways to alleviate some of this stress while still being able to go out. I am a huge compromise girl- you and your friends can make a huge pan of fried rice, boil some pasta, make your own pizzas, or salads for a fraction of the price you’ll buy any of these meals at a restaurant. Then, go out and maybe treat yourself to some dessert afterward. Or vise versa… go grab burgers and then come home and make a cake together or like a fire charcuterie board.

You could also make friendsgiving a Saturday ritual and cut down your eating costs with a joint effort dinner. In a potluck style, each friend could bring a different dish… this will save you major coin.

2. Get Out Your Euphoria Inspo Pinterest Boards

I know it couldn’t have just been me when I tell you my ENTIRE Instagram feed was filled with Euphoria aesthetic photoshoots around this time last year. Whether it's Euphoria vibes or just getting glammed up, doing makeup and having a little photo shoot with your besties is fun and free (plus it lowkey can take hours and it's always

nice to have kinda fire photos with your bestie).

3. I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

Guys! Thrifting, up-cycling, and painting jeans. I love scavenging for the perfect cut jeans or some shirt that was definitely made for a little girl or old man but somehow looks really good on you! For creative people who love fashion, this could be a really fun evening activity as the sun sets.

4. Vibey Talks

  • How perfect does a girls night in with face masks, those eboy/skylight lights, some candles or incense, really chill music, and a much needed face-to-face catch up with your best friends. Something about the teenage years is GO GO GO, who’s having the most fun, what are the best plans, but in reality, no one stops to check in with their people and rant about it. This could take place on a random Wednesday if you finish your homework early or maybe right before you’re leaving for a little party. Keep the energy calm and allow some space for open communication (later I'll explain to the DMF that these deep talks are called DMCs).

5. Creative Juices

Do you ever tag your best friends in approximately 100,000 tiktok dances each week and then you never do them? It takes me so long to get a dance down (plus I’m such a perfectionist) but how fun would it be to do a tiktok group dance or even make one up and have it blow up?! If you and your friends are the type of group to laugh so hard and just be crazy doing something like this then allocate some time to learn a dance and full send it.

Also, recently I was with a friend and we wrote a song together!!!!! Olivia Rodrigo writes about REAL problems and teenage girl struggles. We know these feelings better than anyone and writing music with a friend (even if you can’t sing, like me) is extremely therapeutic and a great bonding experience.

Again, very random but it also could be fun... design a clothing line with a friend. I always think about the type of style I would like to wear and how I see a gap in the fashion industry for this particular look. I think that you and your friends could design pieces based on categories and turn it into a creative activity.

6. Middle School Rave

Set up cups on any table and play beer pong but substitute in Martinellis so you can be ready for the big leagues.

7. Alisha Marie is Quaking

My favorite youtube videos are always the ones that are like ‘let my boyfriend pick out my outfit’ or ‘let my mom style me for the week’. Mostly when we need something to do and end up hitting up the local mall, I love going to different shops and picking out outfits for each other for kicks and giggles pretending I’m so sort of a vlogger lmao.

8. Peloton Could Never

Someone get a speaker and blast your favorite music while you ride through your neighborhood on bikes and drop off sweet notes on random neighbors’ porches or stop at a lookout point where you can watch the sunset. (Also not to be a mom but some little girl in our neighborhood was riding a bike without a helmet and suffered from a fatal comma. Be careful!!!!)

Remember that money doesn’t buy you happiness. Just because you might know people who can afford to do nicer things than you can doesn’t mean they are having more fun. I have friends that I could be stuck in a black box (with literally nothing to do) but still find a way to have a good time. Here’s yet another reminder from Dear Monday to surround yourself with interesting, positive people who can turn lemons into lemonade… people who emanate negative vibes and are the type to always be ‘bored’ have no business weighing you down.

You got this,


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Sofia Kinti
Sofia Kinti
Apr 09, 2021

thank you so much i never hsd financial problems but still all of these look SO fun :)


Claire Soraya
Claire Soraya
Mar 16, 2021

Thank you! There are really strict covid precautions where I am, and it's really hard to find stuff to do, this is great :)

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