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MERRELL TWINS INTERVIEW: boys, friends, drinking, fashion, and more!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021


Give some background about the type of high school you went to and your experience there?

Did you go into high school with a lot of friends and how did you make friends?

Did you grow up in a strict household? How did you gain trust within your family?

What were your early romantic relationships like: serious or casual? Did you experience your first heartbreak?

Did you struggle with any body insecurities as a teen and how did you deal with them?

What guided you as you found your fashion style as a teen? What were the trends?

How big of a role did social media play in your middle school/high school years when it came to dealing with FOMO or or even just the toxicity of Instagram?

Did you go to high school parties and did you ever deal with peer pressure?

Speak on being famous as a teen and your general experience as influencers


Where could you be found on a saturday night in high school?

I cared for my mental health by...

Describe your first kiss in one word

Tips on managing money as a teen

Favorite song in high school

Share an embarrassing story from high school

What's one thing you wish you could've told your self before graduation?

Hope you guys loved watching this interview and that you learned a little bit about about some of the more personal experiences of your favorite influencers. Having the opportunity to interview the Merrell twins was extremely special and I'm have so much gratitude for these girls who made the time for Dear Monday.

We got this,


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