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Sophia's Complete Workout Routine + my fav workout vids

Hey party people! Sorry I’ve been harassing you all with buying merch but I’m just so excited that it’s finally ready and I’ve worked so hard and… yea! I’m just hyped! Anyways so one of my new years resolutions was to join a gym with my friends and work out together. It has been super fun and I wanted to share with you the work out routine.

In addition, here are my favorite workout videos/youtube channels!

Alexis Ren 10 minute abs (probably my favorite)

Daisy Keech Quarantine Abs

Anything Pamela Reif

Chloe Ting (cuz she got us through quarantine)

Ok I combined a lot of these moves to make my own little workout routine… it’s kind of long and I rarely do every exercise or the stated amount of reps but it’s just a nice framework to have. It's super easy to do in your living room or even outside on the grass. Put your headphones in and get your body moving!

Sophia’s Work Out


  • 10 min jog around block or in natural space

  • 5 min burn (sprint) on the treadmill

  • 5 min incline walk on the treadmill

The Warmups
  • 10 hamstring sweaps each side

  • 25 star jumping jacks

  • 10 jump lunges each side

  • High knees for 30 second

  • 50 Mountain climbers

  • 20 plank twists

Ab Circuit #1 (x2)
  • 30 crunches

  • 20 crunches with legs straight in the air

  • 10 v ups

  • 10 star fishes

  • 30 sec flutter kick

  • 10 scissor kicks

Ab Circuit #2 (x2)
  • 1 min plank

  • 10 leg lowers (lay flat on back and lower legs to ground without touching the ground)

  • 50 seat switches weighted

  • 15 reach for legs

  • 15 bicycles

Ab Circuit #3 (x2)
  • 10 push ups rise from ground

  • 20 modified push ups (knees on the ground)

  • 10 really good pushups

Butt Circuit #1
  • 15 squats weighted

  • 10 ski squats

  • 30 sec pulses (sit in squat position and pulse)

  • 10 curtsy lunges each leg

Butt Circuit #2
  • 30 sec hold hip thrusts

  • 10 hip trusts each leg (do a regular hip thrust with one leg in the air)

  • 10 clams each leg (lie on side and open leg like a clam)

  • 10 kick back each leg (stand up right and swing your leg back)

  • Toe touches

  • Cobra

  • Hip twist

  • Butterfly

  • Attempt splits

Alrighty! That's tonight's post. Also buy merch :)

We got this,


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