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Clean Girl Aesthetic

Hello party people. I got a question a few days ago about how to achieve the ‘clean girl aesthetic’: all things being productive and effortlessly perfect. I know the vibe we’re going for…. It’s Matilda Djerf, it’s Hailey Beiber, it’s that one friend in school who just always looks put together, tidy, and ‘clean’.

It has become clear to me that this aesthetic is inherently exclusive. Clean girls are idealized as skinny and feminine. They eat organic foods, drink from glass straws, shop at Aritizia, go to workout classes, and have time to make sure their hair sits perfectly…. Altogether, a clean girl is wealthy. She’s got money, she has the luxury of leisurely time. At least that’s what Pinterest inspo photos and the faces of this aesthetic are suggesting. The question that’s been lingering in my head as I sat down to write this post is is it possible to be a clean girl without being effortless, stick skinny, and luxurious? I've come to the conclusion that yes, it is possible. More than possible.

I want you all to know that I’m currently writing this blog having attended school today in sweatpants, slippers, and with a face covered in acne patches. Essentially, messy girl aesthetic. With me there’s no in-between. It’s the baggy sweatshirt and unbrushed hair or the whole nine yards. Just like you all, I’m trying to work on my clean girl aesthetic so here are some tips we’re all going to try to implement into our lives.

Essentially I've come decided that 'Clean Girl Aesthetic' should be renamed 'the 5 Extra Minutes' aesthetic.. because really it’s all about the 5 extra minutes. The inconsequential amount of time you dedicate to implementing these tips is going to go A VERY LONG WAY.

  1. Slick back your hair into a mini bun or low ponytail with little snap clips and bobby pins

  2. Use eyebrow gel or clear mascara to brush out your eyebrows

  3. SMELL GOOD: The body spray, the perfume, the lotion, the hand sanitizer, the shampoo, the lip gloss… just make it happen.

  4. Claw clips

  5. Aquaphor or rosebud lip balm (the Smiths one is amazing)

  6. Platform sneakers

  7. Flare leggings or jeans

  8. Lemon water

  9. Breath mints

  10. Clean nails (painted or nothing)

  11. Chunky gold hoops (Amazon earrings are KILLER)

  12. Vitamin C serum and sunscreen

  13. Paper planner and cute pens

In my eyes, the clean girl is always the clean girl. Sunday scaries: she’s serving. Tuesday morning at 8am: she’s serving. No smudged mascara. No acne. Just perfection… like it’s in her DNA. However, I’m going to push back and say that I can turn on clean girl mode whenever I want. I can be both clean girl and messy girl… hence middle girl. Maybe on Wednesdays and Fridays I’ll be ‘clean girl’, and then the rest of the days I can be something in between having my life together and a slob.

We got this,


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