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3 Trendy Tie Dye Techniques!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We've all tie dyed at a 3rd grade birthday party or over the summer at sleep away camp but recently tie-dye has absolutely flooded the fashion world on a completely new level. From little online tie dye boutiques to a spring collection at your favorite swimsuit or loungewear brands.... I've even seen runway looks by Off-white, Versace, and Prada, to name a few, that go for over $500!!! This arts and crafts activity has somehow turned into an upmarket trend that celeb fashion influencers like Hailey, Beiber, Selena Gomex, and the Hadids, amount others, are totally rocking (even Charli Damelio is sporting tie-dye crops tops in recent TikToks). However, I'd like to introduce you to the ultimate winner of this tie-dye craze... she's really bringing it on every level and I guarantee she'll be your new best friend... her name is Amazon! Get ready to out style these fashion icons by stepping into your inner DIY and getting your tie-dye show on the road.

It took me the longest time to find the actual technique for that trendy diffused style you've been seeing everywhere... but don't fret, I did the research and experimented so here are 3 different tie-dye techniques that'll have you feeling super cute during #hotgirlquarentine.


Tie-Dye Kit *this comes with gloves, a waterproof surface, and plenty of rubber bands

1. Shibori

  • Laterally fold the fabric back and forth onto itself as if you were making a paper fan

  • Tightly arrange these back and forth folds and secure one end tightly so they stay nicely folded

  • Once accordioned, make sure both ends on the shirt are secure with an elastic band

  • Compress fabric to sharpen creases

  • Every 3 inches stack 2 rubber bands together

2. Scrunch


  • Pinch fabric into little mounds all across the shirt and scrunch all together

  • Place rubber bands in a wheel formation


  • Start at the ankle of each leg and gather the fabric as if you were putting on tights up until the waist

  • Then secure with rubber bands

  • Use the same pinching technique as you did on your top along the waistband and secure again with rubber bands


This was one of the more precise and artistic patterns with no rubber bands needed.

  • Use the paintbrush to tip into your dye color and mark a recently saturated line (we will blend from this line so make it the most saturated)

  • Then use just water on the brush to make strokes from the original line diffuse across the shirt as you wish

  • *try a heart or splats*

Extra tips:

  • Dampen items before tie-dying them

  • Use trash bags as a protective surface

  • Don't mix the black to make colors darker because it's actually made of purple

  • Rinse tie-dye after 6 hours in cold water, hot water, and then cold water again... then wash in a machine ALONE

  • Leave spaces for white! It looks cooler :)

  • If you're using tight tank tops and want to crop them, use the bottoms as headbands, tube tops, etc.

Tag @dearmondayblog on Instagram so I can see your results!

Go got this,


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