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5+ Ways To Style A School Uniform

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Some schools have relaxed dress code guidelines, some enforce a strict uniform. My school sits somewhere in the middle of the traditional uniform spectrum but if you’re creative, its pretty easy to work with the couple of lenient guidelines to style your uniform, play with your limited options, and really be out here serving looks.


1, 2. Stem Chic (coined by my good friend Helena)

S.T.E.M stands science, technology, engineering, and math… the new career path of the boss lady’s of tomorrow. In my opinion, dressing ‘Stem Chic’ is a balance between classy and intelligent while still being fashionable and on trend. Pretty much you’re saying to the world, ‘I have my chic together’. Now if this was a regular wardrobe, we would have blouses, blazers, and distressed jeans to work with, but just keep in mind this is ‘school uniform edition’ so this is a more elated spin on a polo and pleated skirt.

We start with the basics: white or black polo. The brand/material/price/style is totally up to you but there’s always the school’s pick, Lands’ End, and then you can find a variety of more (very similar) options by Vineyard Vines, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Gap, even Amazon. Now here’s where things get a little more interesting… we could

choose (a) regular school skirt worn over black tights or (b) high wasted black bootcut flared jeans.

Moving onto the next layer… throw on an oversized black V-neck cardigan or a little crew neck sweater. Shoes Shoes Shoes. Here’s where you can be the most creative, not too crazy but adds flavor to your outfit. Some trendy sneaker options are platform sneakers (Superga's, Air force 1’s), Lace up’s (The chuck 70 converse come in such fun colors and patterns), or Chunky Sneakers (I have Adidas Falcons but I know Steve Madden some has fair priced dad sneakers).

We spice things up with a silky scarf headband look. I have stolen some of my moms beautifully patterned handkerchiefs to tie in my hair, or even look at Anthropology for some great top knot headbands. Finally, the bling. A jewelry guide post will be coming soon but everything will be perfectly tied together with little gold, hollow huggies/hoops paired with a delicate gold chain layered under a longer pendant necklace. Stem chic for ya.


3. Edgy

This look feels a little more ‘hesh’ if you will… I initially never styled my own uniform like this but was quite inspired by my classmates’ interpretations of the uniform. To start off, at my school they allow any black pair of pants as long as there is a zipper. The school also allows a plain black or white turtle neck.

So the base is black bottoms with a turtle neck. I love the little scalloped turtle necks (Brandy or Urban Outfitters) tucked into some distressed black jeans or black trousers (look at Zara or Aritzia). Sometimes I pull kinda gangsta with high wasted cargo pants. This would look nice with Doc Martens and or chunky Filas (really any dad sneaker). Finally, nail the iconic ‘hesh’ aesthetic with silver rings and chains, if that's your thing. This outfit doesn’t even look like you’re wearing a uniform, it’s crazy!


4. Spin on Simple

This is probably the most boring option but beats all the others as a ‘go to’ staple by a landslide. To keep this short and sweet, I do a cotton long sleeve tee, baggy zip up hoodie, cute sneakers, simple jewlery, messy low bun… it’s perfect. It’s easy. Period. Moving on.


5. Straight outta bed

This is ultimate cozy and comf life. We keep regular skirt and polo per usual, add black leggings or if you’re sly, soft joggers/sweatpants.

Finally, one of those popular huge, super snuggly ‘Comfies’ or just a sheepskin sweater (I found a cheap one at Forever 21). Bring the look home with acne stickers and a blanket.


Alrighty, that’s all I got for now :) Please email me with more suggestions and post any looks you created (make sure to tag the Instagram @Dearmondayblog)

You got this,


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