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Ask Sophia: Dress Recs For A Middle School Dance

Question: "Do you have any dress recommendations for a middle school dance? I don't want to look babyish but I also don't want to look like I'm trying too hard. Please help me, dress shopping is so hard!!"

Answer: Yes of course I can provide some recommendations!!! Dress shopping can be really time-consuming and if you’re picky like me, you may never find exactly what you’re looking for. Lucky for you all, I have attended my fair share of middle school dances and can provide you with a bunch of options. Also a little disclaimer, these dresses are really my ‘style’ and what I would have bought/what I did wear to middle school dances. If these styles aren’t really your look, no offense taken.

A few big tips:

  1. Buy at least 2 options and return what you don’t end up picking. A lot of the dresses are from online shops and you never know how anything will look, so I would recommend playing it safe.

  2. Obviously, if you want to keep it cool and casual I would honestly wear any of these dresses with sneakers and an oversized denim jacket. You could also dress the look up with black heels too… totally up to you and the vibe of the dance.

  3. Some of these dresses are more conservative and others are maybe slightly mature for middle school… I would have worn any of these dresses in 8th or 9th grade but definitely talk to your mom about what she thinks and your friends to gauge what everyone else is going to wear.

  4. I am so obsessed with thrifting and there are a billion dresses that would totally work at any thrift store. If you’re looking for a more spunky, flavorful outfit that try buffalo exchange/wasteland or any goodwill near you!

  5. Finally MAJOR Princess Polly hack. Go to youtube and look up Princess Polly haul and sort to the most recent video. Look at the description of the video you click and use the coupon code in that video to get 20% off your purchase.



Hope this help!!!!

(tag me in your cute getting ready insta stories)

We got this,


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