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Ask Sophia: Microtrends

Q: "Tips for participating in micro-trends? I love the 2000’s style, but I know it’ll probably go out of style soon. I want to buy clothes to fit the style, but is it worth it? Help!" - Anonymous

A: You guys know I am OBSESSED with fashion (I’m also obsessed with the word ‘obsessed’) so when I saw this question I knew we had to discuss. Fast fashion and these microtrends are so tricky. The devil perched on one side of your shoulder is saying ‘go for it girl! It’s cheap, it’s cute’, but the angel on your other shoulder is reminding you that you’re going to regret that purchase in less than a month. Microtrends are honestly a lose-lose situation because you’re most likely buying into a two week trend and wasting money on fast fashion (sketchy companies that follow questionable human rights labor codes and rarely prioritize sustainability), low quality pieces that are most often an uncredited copy of a style that has already been made. Butttt, it’s so fun to tip your toes into the seasonal trends at a fraction of the price than the big designers are selling for… what's the harm in scouring amazon or shein fairly priced dupes?

Let’s get to it - Here are some tips for participating in microtrends!!!!!

  1. Buy For The Occasion

Yes, digging through the Princess Polly or Nasty Gal new product pages is a favorite pastime, stocking up on cute little trendy tanks and mini dresses that you see all over Instagram or Tiktok. However, I feel like you’ll get a lot more out of your one wear use of the poorly made shirt if you buy for a specific occasion in mind. For example if a birthday, hoco, kickback, or other event has a theme where you’re feeling like stepping out of your comfort zone and going for a funky, trendy top, narrow down your cart to the one item you LOVE. The main reason I suggest buying for the occasion is because you’ll end up saving a lot of money this way, and then you spend the rest of your clothing savings on higher quality staple pieces that you’ll love for years.

  1. 2 Week / 2 Lap Rule

If you can spare the extra time, keep items in your cart for 2 weeks before buying. There have been too many late night almost impulse buys, but a few days later I’ll look back at my cart and realize how hideous something really was… (think color block patchwork denim jeans from Jaded London that got duped on Amazon but you wouldn’t dare see anyone wear them in November 2021).

Similarly I have this inside joke with my mom where we always take 2 laps around Zara before getting in the check out line because upon a second, closer look, the random green slip dress or fugly crochet cardigan in your pile is just not it 5 minutes later. No hate for Zara though, it’s actually my favorite.

  1. Thrift

Goodwill, your mom's closet, your granny's closet, aunt’s closet,, depop, poshmark… duh! A lot of the current trends originated from looks super popular from decades ago that are now resurfacing. Fashion can definitely be recycled.

  1. Shein and Amazon Dupes (and pass it around!)

I have been too scared to buy dupes from both Shein and Amazon because I know I’m going to get catfished lol. BUT some influencers like Karson Kimball or Lexi Hidalgo and even Tinx have Amazon shopping lists in their bios and so that gives those pieces an element of credit in my mind. With the Amazon dupes, wait a few weeks before going for it. I feel if an item from Amazon really deserves the hype like those pleather, tie up the leg pants or some work out sets, then everyone won’t shut up about how great a piece is and then maybe take the leap.

ALSO, pick one or two friends that have similar sizing and style sense to you and each pitch in to buy some items that you can pass around for a few weekends. While other people might notice if you wear the same shirt each weekend, no one will notice if you’re borrowing a friend's shirt.

Leave with this: I GET IT! You want in on the current trends. Be sparse and sure before buying a cheap item just as you would an expensive one. Manicure your fashion sense to pieces that you LOVE and really really want. Quality over quantity.

We got this,


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Sofia Wong
Sofia Wong
Dec 05, 2021


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