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Boobs Part 1

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

“That girl is so flat, she’s annoying but has some knockers, or she’s got a nice pair”.

So none of those terms are correct, to begin with, and it’s honestly just plain offensive. Welcome to post part 1 of our 3 post series on boobs.

Girl, I’ve missed you… writing to you and talking about life. I can’t keep track of time anymore but it appears that it's Monday again so I guess we better talk about boobs already. Yup boobs. It’s uncomfortable to think about, say out loud, even type. But guess what, we all got them and it's about time this community of girls get comfortable with each other.

Somehow the area of fat on our chests has become sexualized, turned into a competition, and a social standard.I probably could do a bit of research and bore you all with the nature and science of boobs, anatomy, etc, but I’m too ready to get into the real stuff. Before I do that, I want you to know that your boobs are made for you, for a reason, and that no matter the size, shape, nipple, they ARE beautiful. Your boobs do not define your worth and one day, when you have a daughter, you’ll tell her the same thing.

So I have uncomfortably big boobs… I don’t even know how that's possible considering the proportions of the rest of my physique. If you’re one of the girls with an A, I would be more than happy to share some with you. If you’ve got big boobs too, keep reading, we’ll talk about the struggle. Smaller chested girls, you’ll slowly start to understand how this can be a blessing.

Having big boobs is such a love hate relationship and I contemplate a breast reduction every other day. Yea when I was 13, walking around with a quickly developing chest, it was kind of nice. Despite the braces and acne, I was able to hold on to one new thing that made me feel feminine, sought after, and that every pubescent girl around me wanted. Now I’ve got two 15 pound sacks weighing me down, I can’t wear any of the clothes my friends do (I’ll talk about this in part 2), and am automatically sexualized in a way I don’t want to be sexualized.

You all might be thinking that having big boobs is life changing… that more boys will be attracted to you. Well you are sorely mistaken because just having big boobs doesn’t mean more boys will like you. Shocking enough it’s almost the opposite: having big boobs isn’t the trend. On Tik tok or Youtube, I’ll wait desperately watching an entire video like ‘Asking My Guy Friends Questions Girls Are Too Afraid To Ask’ or ‘Questions For The Boys’, until they get to the gross but most sensitive question for me... ‘ass or tits’. Ya it’s stupid and derogitiory but I can’t help but feel insecure when each boy will go with having a big butt ALWAYS. Despite what boys think, what matters more is what the people around me think. I can’t leave the house without a comment from every person in my family if something is slightly revealing and more often than not, people look at my chest before my FACE. It’s like I’m ‘asking for it’ or appearing sultry as if it’s on purpose. It’s unfair that I can be wearing the same top as any other girl but be looked at so differently. Now that’s what makes me feel insecure. So for all the girls shuttering over their AA’s, it actually doesn’t matter the size of your boobs. Every size is insecure and wishing for something else, be happy you don’t have to hold your chest while you run.

Now that we’ve debunked why having a large chest is SO very amazing (not!), let’s talk about you. You might wear pushup bras, squeeze your arms together in photos, or go for tight low cut tops. Well I think I could list 100 girls right off the bat who I know do all of those things. But everyone knew that they were covering up what was really underneath. The photoshop... the poses… we all saw right through it (the guys too and some would even make fun of those girls). So now we’re 16 and they’ve pretty much given up with faking a larger chest. What I’m getting at is do what makes you feel your best, most confident self. If its bombshell push up bras or corset tie tops, then have your moment if you must. However, I’ve always thought that if you’re doing it for someone else, so a boy will want to get with you… what happens when he does hook up with you, when he figures out what’s really going on there. If your eyes sparkle when you’re talking to someone, have the cutest giggle, smile so big when you're happy, and treat people with kindness, no guy will care whether you have A or a B bra cup. It just won't matter. Instead of trying to finesse perfection of your least favorite qualities, flaunt what you already got going on. That’s what’s attractive.

You got this,


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First Draft

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