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Boobs Part 2: Bra Shopping

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

WELCOME BACK LADIES!!!!!! Break is over and it’s Monday once again. Back to the grind of online school, homework, sleep, repeat… so boring yet so tiresome. May I describe to you my emotions in one word. Nothingness. I feel empty half of the time while hours move by before my eyes. Despite the slow paced days and weeks that speed by, one thing remains constant. And that thing is boobs. Here we go: Part 2 is here…. bra shopping.

So we’ve all been bra shopping, some of us love it and some of us hate it. I thought we should start by talking about Victoria Secret. The idealized image: perfect, idealized, skinny models with flawless skin, long legs, and of course with a perky D cup bust. But Victoria Secret is a multimillion dollar corporation, a money incentivized brand that preys upon the aspirations and insecurities of you and me. I went through a Pink by VC phase- glitter sweatshirts, logo covered sports bras, cheap perfume, and baggy sweatpants. Then I realized how tacky and lame that look was on me (no hate if you like it). Then I sailed with the rest of the crowd to the connecting shop over, Victoria Secret, where I bought my first bra at Victoria Secret. The ambiance is fun because they fit you out and the dressing rooms are pink velvet lined, but I thought you might want to know that the bra sizing is wack. At least in my experience and with my friends, we’ve been fitted with a cup one size bigger than we are in reality. A friend who is actually an A is fitted as a B, a C is fitted as D, etc. The rhinestone strapped, overpriced push ups, sleazy named scents, and matching pj sets will forever live down in my middle school memories.

I know this opinion is controversial but I think bra shopping is kind of fun. Make an experience out of it with strong, important women in your life. If it's your mom, cousin, older sister, or best friend… go bra shopping with someone who makes you feel confident! Like I was saying earlier, I was so excited about going bra shopping for the first time with my mom. I want you all to feel like the small moments of growing up are appreciated and special.

Natori, Wacoal, Chantelle, Spanx, and DKNY. These brands are more supportive, comfortable, and higher quality than Victoria Secret but they are more expensive too... that's why I always buy them for a ¼ of the price at Nordstrom's Rack. Always the way to go in my opinion. I hear structured bras from Target and Aerie are fabulous too! Just because the photoshopped models make it seem like Victoria Secret is the holy grail, Victoria’s Secret bras aren’t that life changing.

Sports bras and bralettes will forever be the superior comfort bra. Athleta, Lululemon, Target, and Nike make great jog bras. I also live in cotton Calvin Klein bralettes. In one of the Calvin Klein outlet stores, I found a padded, semi structured Calvin Klein bralette. You NEED this!

Small boobs

I know friends who purposely size up because a letter printed on a label makes them less insecure, or will size down or will only wear push ups to make their boobs look bigger. Being a teen and just wanting to fit in is normal but it’s better to prioritize your own fit over size. Demi bras, balconnets, and crisscross halter bras give the illusion of having a larger bust and will allow you to wear your actual size. Also, enjoy your luck of not having to rely on uncomfortable underwires and embrace your luxury to wear a wireless bra that fits you because they are SO comfy.

Big boobs

Sup. Now I could talk for hours about big boobs and the stress of bra shopping. Just for a second I will contradict myself and say that maybe I don’t LOVE bra shopping. First off, I find that all the bras that fit my cup size look like granny bras, the straps always fall off my shoulders, and the underwire digs into my ribcage. Here's how you’re gonna do it: You are going to invest in 3 really really good bras (I mentioned some good brands above)... one nude, one black, and one white bra. You are going to wear these bras a LOT and feel kind of lame because they’re not the most sexy or revealing but they do the job. But see every girl needs a bra that makes her feel powerful and on top of the world, so you’ll search and find a bra that does this too. Strapless or backless bras… whole other story but I’ll tell you I would rather die then wear nip pads and call it a day. Beauty hurts.

Love you all beautiful people. I know you have your preferences and I bet you’re starting to figure out what looks good on you but I’ll say it again, do what makes you confident! Your boobs are a gift.

You got this,


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