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Dressing Expensive On A Budget!!!


How was everyones 4th?! Anything crazy or fun? I had a chill night in with friends and family. Tinx (lol i love her) was talking about FOMO on holiday weekends and it totally makes sense. Social media is hard because everyone really dramatizes their own experiences so that's why I tried to immerse myself in where I was instead of caring about where I wasn’t…. Idk if u feel this way sometimes.

Also update on the 10th grade lows situation (pretty much just my high school mid life crisis), I think we’re slowly getting over it but some days are better than others if that makes sense.

Anyway, I LOVE fashion but I don’t end up writing about it on the blog as much because I feel like everyone's own fashion sense is an individual choice… that being said, one of my favorite styles is that undertone rich mom who looks clean and not too showy but just classy and nice. I’ve wanted to do a fashion post on achieving this style on a budget for a while! **** Disclaimer: this is the sort of post for people who want to dress like a rich mom. Finding deals and writing about it is kind of my guilty pleasure so that’s why I’m diverging from my regular content this week.

When I first started middle school, I began to notice how much people really did spend on clothes. There was that hype beast look with the supreme and then a lot of my classmates at the school I go to were into this very stereotypical preppy look. There’s a difference between being materialistic and liking something for the brand name rather than admiring a piece of clothing or style as art and for its beauty. I figured out that there were ways to achieve this elevated style for a fraction of the price I knew my peers were paying. Here is a short list of tips for dressing expensive on a budget.

Skirts and dresses

  • 7th grade soph was hit by a storm of love shack fancy. I had no idea what this brand even was except for the fact that literally everyone was wearing it. Of course I wasn’t about to drop over $200 on a skirt. Even though I just wanted to fit in, I also loved the skirts and dresses so I went straight to the (consignment shop). I found one for $40. I still wear it today and no one will ever know (or care tbh).

  • Recently, I found an amazing dupe of some of Love Shack’s new styles on Aerie. It’s a ruffle layered skirt and I had to get it!

  • More love shack dupes by Aqua

  • Obsessed with reformation… you must check out their last season stuff on Nords Rack. They update their inventory every few weeks.




  • You can get good and cheap levis at goodwill if you look hard enough. Also Macys levis and levis on amazon are ALWAYS on sale.

Other tips

I have found SO MUCH I.Am.Gia at Buffalo Exchange. Also depop and poshmark will be your besties.

** pro tip: poshmark I feel has much better deals than depop just because it’s a little bit of an older generation on there who don’t really understand that you can jack up prices on rare finds. Not sure if this is an accurate philosophy but that’s just what I’ve noticed. I was looking for a lululemon top and some Y2k vintage roxy and juicy couture on poshmark and in general it was just much cheaper there.

Fake it till you make it brands that lowk pop off

  • Zara 100000%

  • Sometimes H&M

  • Artizia sales

  • & Other Stories

  • Asos

  • Topshop

  • Jcrew/Madewell

  • Shop Cyder

Ahhh this post was so fun to write. I'll do a jewelry and accessories version very soon too.

We got this,


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