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Every Teen Wardrobe Must Haves

HEYYYY. Happy monday party people. This week is already going crazy… lots of school work and stress as the end of the year approaches. I feel like the year of pajamas 24/7 is beginning to pivot as summer roles around and I am considering the possibility of trying to look cute. I know that one day (maybe it’s happened already) each of you beautiful readers will have found your own style but until then… we are a bunch of teen girls who just want to fit in. Despite efforts to branch out and make cute, interesting outfits on the weekends, I definitely revert back to ‘basics’... you know, the wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. A lot of these basic pieces have been living in my closet for AGES. This post is going to be covering the top closet staples for teen girls and where you can get the best of its kind (for a good price too!). These pieces can all be worn interchangeably with each other or you might want to incorporate a funky print too.

The ‘Perfect’ Jeans

  • I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that one only really needs 3 pairs of jeans (black, white, and blue). Trends will come and go and that’s why it’s nice to have a few jean options from shops like Zara or Topshop that are under $75 yet amazing quality and fit.

  • Zara Favs (these are longish)

  • Topshop Basic

  • You could probably thrift some amazing jeans too for just a couple bucks

Trusted Leggings

  • Alright there are 1 billion legging brands available these days… from target to athleta, there's no really wrong legging HOWEVER I think that saving up for an extra special, nice pair of leggings is the move. The type that you can wear everyday, that never rip, hug your waist perfectly, and fit you for years. The wunder unders from lululemon are THAT legging (lol sponsor me) because they are high wasted so they cover your belly fat and hug your booty like you're an hourglass model… These leggings go one sale in different colors pretty frequently (especially around black friday!)


3 TOPS in 3 COLORS: Tshirt, tank, and longsleeve in black, white, and grey!

Basic Tee


Long Sleeve:

BRANDY MUST HAVES! (top 2 and they’re worth it)

Basic Bodysuit

Black cargo pants

Jean jacket

Leather jacket

Jean Shorts


  • Could do air forces but I feel like they’re just too basic (no hate nike, i love you). We all went through the phase. Now it’s over. Are white converse also very basic? Of course, yes! Eh… that’s ok. I would go for a fun color (pinterest brown vibes, platform, pastel aesthetic). Btw, high tops are where it’s at… something about low tops just doesn’t hit the same if you know what I mean. Obsessed!, pinterest vibes to the max, tie dye swag, insta baddie oooo

Little black dress (everyone needs one. Middle school me didn’t understand this so just buy one and keep it around for the next 4 years)

FAV EARRINGS - hella cheap and so cute


We got this,


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