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Getting Deep: DMC

A reader recently sent a post recommendation and it instantly aligned with a different concept I’ve been wanting to share with you all.

The whole idea of this post is creating those lengthy and memorable conversations with your friends via text, facetime, or just in person. (Also a little shoutout to my post on how to get the convo going over snap).

Let’s begin with this very Sophia acronym. I unknowingly throw the word around with my closest friends all the time and now most have caught on. Before I reveal what DMC stands for, I’ll offer some context. This is probably pretty common with any sleep away camp but at the one I have attended in past years, every night the girls and boys would retreat back to their separate bunk areas to shower speedily and then sneak out for a few hours to meet on the big grassy hill. These nights were magical because the sky was untouched by the smog of urban life and we hadn’t seen an electronic device in days (and not having seen each other in a year, there was this new sense of maturity amongst eachother). This little nightly excursion was the setting for a moment in which the glorious vulnerability and depth would sprout from an iconic DMC - Deep. Meaningful. Conversation. I thought this term was coined at my camp but apparently Urban Dictionary is acquainted with the DMC.

The best thing ever invented, though sadly, some people just do not have the knack. Others however, live off them. Everyone has had at least ONE amazing DMC in their life, they may not have realised it. TBH, the word DMC covers a wide area of chats, its just when you connect with someone and spill your heart. DMC involves a lot of talking and you feel better after.

This definition says it all. I like to get deep. When I hang out with a good friend one on one, I want to divulge painful and difficult memories, current insecurities, internal dilemmas, and everyday stresses. The DMC is almost like a test of any potential friendship… Do I have a good flow with you? Can we engage in a difficult conversation? Urban Dictionary is right, not every person has the knack for such an unguarded conversation.

In my opinion, the best DMC’s are possible when

  • In person (facetime if you must, but less preferable)

  • At night (it just hits different)

  • Without technology

  • One on one (you have to be a good listener)

Convo starters

*just want to put it out there that you have to be vulnerable first before your friends will open up to you*

  • How’s your mental health doing right now?

  • How's school going? Friends? Guys? School stress?

  • How's your family doing?

The rest should happen naturally but in the right place at the right time: life altering perspectives. Boom.

So let me bring it back to the blog. Dear Monday is pretty much a never ending, infinite DMC. We always get deep, we always stay meaningful, and we keep it real. Some followers have told me that when I go live, it feels like a normal facetime with your best friend. Rant... after tangent... after story. I now introduce the DMC → Dear Monday Catchup (a deep, meaningful conversation with a Dear Monday twist). I will now refer to my weekly instagram lives by: Dear Monday Catchup. Yay love this community, love you gals!

We got this,


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