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Making The Most of 1 Piercing

When it comes to piercings my parents are very strict. I had to campaign to get my ears pierced as a child and for now, my one piercing is my limit. I LOVE fashion and jewelry and so I have discovered some pretty creative ways to decorate my ears with my singular piercing.

*** Some of the jewelry linked below is from Amazon. Given the price point and reputation of Amazon products, the quality may not be the highest and I’m sure you could find much higher end designs and styles. With that being said, and despite the amazon effect tackiness and tarnishing…. I would only ever recommend something that I absolutely am obsessed with and these items get the soph stamp of approval.

*** ALSO I only really wear gold jewelry and I tend to favor dainty, trendy-ish pieces… so the Dear Monday Fam is getting gold (sorry to all the silver jewelry lovers).

1. Chain cuffs

I love the chain cuff attached to the stud because this concept truly dresses the entire ear and gives the illusion of multiple piercings in a connected, fluid design. I swear I get compliments every time I wear these earrings.

2. Cuffs

Adding a simple gold or pave cuff to accessorize an outfit essentially just makes me feel cool… like a chill, laid back indie girl who snowboards, can pull off a beanie, is highly invested in astrology but in a lowkey way, and drinks chai lattes - so basically not me at all.

3. Climbers

In short, climbers give more bang for your buck. It’s a singular earing that ‘climbs’ up your ear, hence the name.

We got this ('this' meaning life (duh) and cheers to second semester!),


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