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So You Wish You Were Skinnier: Sweet Tooth

I LOVE dessert and am always craving that perfect late night snack/dessert to get me through all my homework. Only 2 issues, my mom doesn’t buy junky, yummy desserts, and second, even if we did, I would probably make myself feel bad for eating it. I bet you could find a bunch of fancy vegan or low carb brownies and other baked goods online but for now here are some of my favorite quick and easy but deliciously healthy-ish dessert ideas.

1. Fresh Fruit (will ALWAYS be go-to)

2. Bananas and Peanut Butter/Nutella (plain or on a rice cake or graham cracker)

3. Frozen Grapes

4. Brookside (or any chocolate covered berries... SO GOOD)

5. Dark Chocolate Almonds

6. Honey Greek Frozen Yogurt (Try Ben and Jerry's)

7. Sweet Drinks (Check out my boba at home post from early quarantine or just a sweet iced tea)

8. Dates (pro tip: add 1 or 2 to any smoothie because they bring this perfect natural sweetest)

9. Sorbet Bowl

10. Pressed Freeze from Pressed Juicery

11. Trader Joe's Oatmeal Almond Bars

12. A few mini chocolate candies (honestly best option here… a couple Lindors will do the trick)

This was the last post to this healthy eating series. I know first hand about how tough the struggle is to love your body and actually enjoy eating nutritious foods. I hope some of these meal, snack, or dessert ideas were helpful for you all and I’m gonna be your reminder to eat what you want but listen to your body. At the end of the day, striving to eat 1000% clean is a useless venture, but shifting over to a few healthier snacks or doing a salad once a week for lunch could be a little step that balances out your diet.

Love y’all! This week is gonna be long and tiring like always but try and do something for yourself each day! Make a conscious effort to hype yourself up and reach out to the people you love and tell them they matter to you... we all need each other.

We got this,


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