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Taming Your Luscious Locks

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Alright ladies, let's be real. We all have hair, a lot of the time on areas of our body that society standards have prompted us to remove. Being a brunette with thick-ish hair, I’ve definitely had my fair share of struggles when it comes to taming my oily scalp and unwanted body hair and facial hair. Of course what you choose to do with your hair on your body is your choice! Do what you feel comfortable with and do what makes you feel confident... Now here are my cleansening, trimming, shaving, scrubbing, and overall hair care tips!

1. Head

Do I have a bad case of oily scalp? Yes. Is it the most disgusting thing ever? Most certainly. Did I put corn starch in my hair for a month straight thinking it would help? Maybe. While the crown of my head is like a grease pot, my ends are as dry as the Sahara. In short, the situation is not the best, but it has improved and here's how:

1. First, massage and lube up your roots with a calming, simple baby shampoo.

2. Use this dermatology recommended zinc shampoo for oily hair, and scrub the roots like you mean it with this cool scrubber I found on tik tok.

3. Finally, apply any conditioner to JUST your roots for soft texture and moisture.

2. Face

Plucking, waxing, and threading are all great options but they are painful and expensive to maintain!

1. I don’t really tame my facial hair in the shower but after you dry off try this facial trimmer! It doesn’t hurt at all and is perfect for cleaning up your brows, upper lip area, etc.

3. Legs and Under Arms

The legs and underarms are probably where I spend most of my time and energy shaving. Here are 2 very important tips!

1. Make sure to exfoliate first! I use a homemade exfoliator scrub (mix of sugar, oils like coconut oil and any essential oils) and then shave with a foaming body wash!

2. Pro tip: use a men's razor! Men's razors are 10000 times better. Women have been deprived of a good razor so take my advice and try it out.

4. Bikini

Last but certainly NOT least I will introduce you to a device that will SAVE your butts (literally)!

1. My friend recommend this super cool comb razor device to tame the bikini line in a non painful, easy way!

I am truly no expert but I hope this helped!

You got this,


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