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12 Low Maintenance Ways To Feel Put Together On A Lazy Day!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Let's be real, this quarantine has lasted weeks and you've probably been feeling nasty and disgusting for a hot minute now. Whether it be getting ready for school or for an average day in quarantine, I know what it's like to feel sloppy, gross, and ugly and how that translates into your self-confidence and productiveness for the day.

I'm about to help a sis out so we can level up from a nice 4.5 (that might be a stretch) to a solid 6 both physically and mentally...

1. Blast an upbeat, feel-good playlist

Try either Playlist 1 or Playlist 2, both of which set a really sunny and bubbly tone for your day!

2. Chew on this

Wake up and think of 1 thing you're looking forward to that day (a walk with a friend, something you want to bake, virtual dance class) and/or think of 1 thing you love about yourself... it's cliche but actually just 1 thing.

3. Splash you face with water

Just do it, trust

4. Work it outtt

Whether it's a Chloe Ting 10 minute ab circuit or a light stroll around the block, getting your heartbeat up and taking in some fresh air will be a nice cleanse in the morning.

5. Eat Yummy Food - so you feel (and look) good

Chef curry with it and make yourself a fire breakfast. This morning I did scrambled eggs with spinach and a side of avocado and toast with peanut butter and banana. I also made a yummy tropical smoothie. Tbh, I really be out here doing the most but it was a fun experience and I liked being in control of at least one thing in my life now. Look at my recent post for some more breakfast ideas!

6. Prioritize Hair

If you're in a lazy mood or aren't planning on leaving your house but still want to feel the slightest bit 'pretty' or put together, I would have to say that spending the extra time on your hair easily makes up for acne breakouts and the sloppy sweatpants you've been living in for days. This could mean anything from styling 2 cute braids or a sleek low bun to investing the time in a thorough blow out (which will last for days with a little dry shampoo). This is just a really simple way to make you feel glamorous!

7. Moisturize

This is probably already a staple in your skincare routine but I feel like a generous application of moisturizer allows for such a dewy and glowing effect along with its sunscreen to protect your skin. check this one out!

8. Clear mascara

I think this might just be a me thing but I can't apply regular mascara without its remnants lingering under my eyes for at least 3 days. Easy fix- clear mascara will give your lashes the same lift and length (with an even more natural effect) and then you can use the same wand to spruce up your eyebrows as well. (If you have an eyelash curler, that'll also do the trick!)

9. Refine and rework your lounge attire

sweatpants with a bodysuit. matching tie-dye come. monochromatic lounge

10. Earings

Accessorizing is key and I think choosing some little Huggies or pave stud earrings is the most toned down but effective way of achieving that extra sparkle.

11. Fragrance

You know what they say, "if you smell good you feel good" -Sophia 2020 Quarantined. Just imagine strutting down the hallway smelling so fricken good... it's over for y'all.

12. Talk to positive people

Try and catch up with at least one family member or friend who always gets you in a good mood. Human interaction during this time is extremely limited, but make it your mission to talk/facectime/call even just one person who will surely make you smile.

It's ok to have a lazy day! Give yourself the break you 100% deserve but make sure to freshen up a bit so you don't fall into a sloth cycle.

You got this,


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