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Ask Sophia: “Back to School Glow up”

Q: “Hello! I'm going back to school tomorrow and I don't feel ready to go back... i feel like i am not skinny enough or organized and don’t have enough money for nice clothes. I need help on keeping a routine.” - Anonymous

A: This is a perfect timing post because I am also going back to school tomorrow!!!! And guess what… I'm scared too and I don’t feel ready. There’s definitely this pressure that you should have transformed into a completely new, gorgeous version of yourself over quarantine. 2021 back to school deserves a mental ‘glow up’ too (which, of course, doesn’t happen overnight). Bouncing back from social isolation, giving up extra hours of sleep, having to actually focus in class, amongst other covid realities is going to be pretty difficult for us all. Re-entry into society is all about internal perseverance and a new, self confidence oriented mindset (pretty much, you’re a boss b**** and that’s on that). Just remember that it’s already April so we just need one final push before hot girl summer.


(I'm gonna hit you w a bunch of little tips but first consult this blog post with my TOP 10 beauty products for teen girls)

1. Mascara (AND CURL THEM BEFORE). I’ve been doing this new technique where I first use a bit of primer eyelash extension mascara, let dry, curl just the top ⅓ of the lash, and then apply a few coats of mascara (normally just on the upper lash).

2. Eyeliner (waterline and wing). WATCH TUTORIALS ON YOUTUBE!!!! The wing takes a long time to perfect this but a little bit of eyeliner is GAME CHANGING.

3. Lips: Aquaphor babyyyyy. I also share my favorite lip tints in the 10 beauty products post.

4. Regarding your hair, I think you really have to go bold with the style that suits your face shape. For example, I can rock long hair but my face is quite round and looks SO GOOD with a longish bob. I know I look best with this hairstyle but I keep holding off to cut it. A stark change in your hair (color, bangs, etc) will definitely help give the illusion that you had some crazy transformation when you return to school.

5. GIRL, if there's one thing you’re coming back to school with… it’s smelling like a fricken angel sent from heaven. I am expecting you to smell like roses and strawberries and coconut and yumminess but JUST A HINT - DON'T OVER DO IT (don’t even get near Victoria Secret disgusting). I like the fragrances from The Body Shop or just choose a yummy shampoo and call it a day. Alsoooo, my friend turned me on to this perfume that literally has the entire club asking ‘who smells so good?!’. There's a mini bottle that's like $25 (yes expensive but It smells AMAZING and is my top secret, FAVORITE fragrance so let’s keep it a Dear Monday thing).

6. Clothes: Wear whatever the heck you want… you’ve been at home for a year and no one cares. Just do you girl. Save your money for cute bikinis :) If you have a uniform, here are some ways to style it!


Live your life like you’re starring in that iconic rom-com movie where the main character jams out to music and gets ready for school. Think: Lizzie Mcguire - Wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual so you can have extra time to enjoy getting ready.

  • Wash your face EVERY morning

  • Blast the Dear Monday morning get up playlist

  • Pack a bottle of water for school each day

  • PLAN OUT YOUR AFTERNOONS TO A T (check off procrastination before it checks you)

    • Be efficient: Designate an hour of no tech study time to be 100% focused on your homework so you can just knock it out

    • Plan out an hour of self care/Netflix time so you can chill and relax

  • Journal (either through voice memos or in a journal, make sure to document your feelings, emotions, and experiences every night).

  • 10 minute Alexis Ren abs. That’s all you need… or chloe ting if you’re basic (dw me too lol).


  • You ARE confident and positive

  • Mirror talks are everything

  • Cut out your toxic friends. This is a new you and BE PICKY. The ones who believed the rumors or didn’t invite you aren’t your homies for life. Scrap them and start over.

  • Talk to that boy… make your moves now or you’ll regret it later.

  • In the long run, what others think doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t.

  • Hold your head high and let the world know that you love who you are, you’re proud of the girl you choose to be, and that a jealous friend or bad grade can’t bring you down.


We got this,


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Dude, thank you so much..! As a young teen girl, I really need things like this- (I do have a bigger sister, but she’s never around much) so your blogs are amazing for me! 🥰


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